April 11, 2009


I can't seem to stop taking pictures of sunrises/sunsets. This was the view out my window sometime last week; it looked like an extremely slow explosion was happening somewhere out over Flushing Bay.

I'm at my parents' house for Easter. (It might never stop being weird to say "my parents' house.") Last night when I got home, my dog ran to the door all wiggly to meet me with my mom right on her tail, paper towel in hand, because somehow there was a big blob of yogurt between Maggie's shoulder blades. Today the fur is standing straight up like a mohawk, or like she's really pissed. She is so awesome. 

My sister's still at school, so I have to entertain myself. We used to have a tradition of sneaking out of Easter dinner early to go see a really terrible movie (this year I absolutely would have dragged her to Hannah Montana: The Movie). But everything is out of whack this year. Easter dinner is today, just me, M, & D, and I'm probably going to fall asleep on the couch watching Brideshead Revisited somewhere around 9 o'clock. 

But it's totally worth it because I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and with Amy gone I can have thirds and fourths and fifths until I collapse. 

(Get it? Carrot cake? Har har har har.)

April 8, 2009

April snow showers

It's been snowing on-and-off all morning, which isn't utterly unusual for early April I guess, but it's certainly unwelcome. Easter is supposed to be about spring. And it's on Sunday. Get with it.

Last night two Sarahs and I went to Pacific Standard for some beer and fiction, a blue ribbon combination, let me tell you. I was about to order my silly wheat beer ("spicy with a hint of banana," said the menu) when I realized that I knew one of the guys sitting at the bar from MySpace. MySpace! (In my head I was going, Whaaaaaa?) Of course I had never met him, and of course I said nothing to him, but it felt slightly like finding a needle in a haystack, which is to say rewarding in a strange, small-world sort of way.

So that was my outing for the week. Quota met. Tonight I do laundry and buy jelly beans at CVS and cook some penne with feta and olives. It's a big night. I like Wednesdays.