January 28, 2009

The lovely snow I woke up to has turned to awful rain. Filled with Little-Engine-like optimism, I called the emergency hotline, but the automated voice told me, “The company is currently open for business.” Foiled again.

It’s still an office snow day—I was the first one here, which I love, because I can make my tea and sit at my desk with just my little desk lamp on, and stare out the window, and keep my toasty boots on a little bit longer, and write surreptitious blog entries while my colleagues struggle through the slush somewhere. If only my desk chair were an armchair, mmmm…

I Was Made for You - She & Him

January 17, 2009

Saturday morning bed picnic

Blueberry waffles, black currant tea--my foraged breakfast from our cataclysmic kitchen. (I haven't washed dishes since Wednesday.)

News of the week: I'm getting a new baby cousin in July and am irrationally happy about it. Already picturing the tiny clothes and Eric Carle board books I will be heaping upon the poor unsuspecting kid. The last baby was three-ish years ago. Long overdue for another.

My head has been in stormy work clouds all week, but now, as it is Saturday, I can turn my full attention to the sun-streaming, Simpsons-esque clouds mounting for Tuesday. Here is the Plan:

Saturday: buy hand warmers, feet warmers, bottled water
Sunday: practice layering
Monday: depart at 11:05 for Washington, DC (the first time in history that Amtrak tickets between NY and DC have sold out)
Tuesday: shiver, jumbotron, Obamamambo in the streets with Deedi and Lauren and 4 million others

New York is freezing. I'm counting on the Capital's south-of-the-Mason-Dixon location to be warmer, but sheer gobsmacking happiness might do the trick in a pinch.

January 7, 2009

Winter Blues

This week is one for the forgetting. I've been putting off doing my laundry for so long I actually had a dream about it last night. The only things with any ambition these days are my potatoes: