January 17, 2009

Saturday morning bed picnic

Blueberry waffles, black currant tea--my foraged breakfast from our cataclysmic kitchen. (I haven't washed dishes since Wednesday.)

News of the week: I'm getting a new baby cousin in July and am irrationally happy about it. Already picturing the tiny clothes and Eric Carle board books I will be heaping upon the poor unsuspecting kid. The last baby was three-ish years ago. Long overdue for another.

My head has been in stormy work clouds all week, but now, as it is Saturday, I can turn my full attention to the sun-streaming, Simpsons-esque clouds mounting for Tuesday. Here is the Plan:

Saturday: buy hand warmers, feet warmers, bottled water
Sunday: practice layering
Monday: depart at 11:05 for Washington, DC (the first time in history that Amtrak tickets between NY and DC have sold out)
Tuesday: shiver, jumbotron, Obamamambo in the streets with Deedi and Lauren and 4 million others

New York is freezing. I'm counting on the Capital's south-of-the-Mason-Dixon location to be warmer, but sheer gobsmacking happiness might do the trick in a pinch.

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