March 24, 2009


I've been a busy bee. This and that, this and that.

Concerns of note: yesterday I mysteriously got mosquito bites on both forearms, one shoulder, my collarbone and one knee all within a span of say, 18 minutes; my internet keeps futzing in and out; will I go to yoga tonight? 

Last weekend I went to my aunt's house in Westchester. I do love that train ride:

Speaking of train ride, here is a sunset over Lancaster County as seen from the train.

Mostly everything I've been doing includes reading. Here are some excerpts from things I've recently read.

"Like Hillary she lacks taste; her consumer preferences seem to have been rendered into being by the Mall at Short Hills." --New York Magazine on Michelle Obama (3/23/09)

"Oranges float, but these [half orange, half tangerines] have so much sugar in them that if you drop one into a bucket of water it will go straight to the bottom." --Oranges by John McPhee

"And not just brilliant but inclusive and generous--he was very rarely as assholic as he had a reputation for being." --New York Magazine on Larry Summers (3/30/09)

Assholic. I can't believe I haven't used this word before. So succinct and yet so descriptive. 

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