March 13, 2009


Every few weeks I get an email from my aunt and it always begins: "Hey Lizzy, what's new?" I never know what to say, but I've been thinking (and I'm at a loss for what to write these days), so here's what's new--

The number of white hairs growing in the spot above my left temple, that's what's new. Mr. President, you are not alone.

I bought a pie plate. A 3.14159 plate. And fittingly enough, tomorrow (3/14) is Pi Day. Remember when we had to wear Pi Day pins in math class? It was more recently than I'd like to admit.

Every time Leah and I go to the gym (not that often, so take this with a grain of salt), we always joke about going to the diner across the street instead. We'll be waiting at the light and one of us will say something like, "I'm feeling tired. Maybe we should just go eat some pancakes." And the other person will say, "Okay," and then the light will change and we'll just walk across the street and into the lobby and push the button for the elevator that is so slow and rickety I'm fairly certain I'm going to die in it one day.

But last night, AFTER the gym, when we were good and sweaty and actually really tired, we walked across the street and sat in a booth and had short stacks and Canadian bacon (Leah) and scrambled eggs (me) and I couldn't stop saying, "This is great! Let's come here every time we go to the gym!"

It really was great.

The new background colors here are just for a change of scenery. I reserve the right to change them back at any moment, so LOOK OUT.

I went out to Lancaster this past weekend, on the train, for a dinner and a luncheon for "alumni." I hate the word "alumni." I hate the fact that my college diploma is in Latin, too. College diplomas are supposed to make you feel smart, not illiterate.

I did not, however, hate my trip to Lancaster. There was so much that I had completely forgotten about, like the braided brick sidewalks and the cheeky houses. (Pictures TK.) But mostly when I'm there I feel sort of homesick for it, which is weird and sort of meta and I end up feeling odd-man-outish in the most familiar places.

But ultimately, the visits are always good, as was this one, and I leave feeling glad to be in New York and working for direct deposit paychecks and not anymore on that incredible ledge that graduation was. Phew! Plus, I went to Market and bought two pounds (2 lbs!) of dried apricots. I am a wealthy woman.

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