August 26, 2008

We run a very tight ship.

Usually. But some mornings some alarms don't go off, and some people shave their legs, and other people dance around outside the bathroom to brush their teeth before the bus gets here. (Despite the fact that we sound like school children, we are, in fact, adults.) This morning, my roommate's alarm failed to rouse her from her 'snooze,' so for the first time in almost two months, we ate breakfast together. 

On the Today Show, Patrick Kennedy talked a lot of rabble about the Big O and the DNC and other initialized things, and my roommate turned to me and said, "Who's running for the Republicans?"

Sometimes I wish I could just watch the weather report and turn off the news, content with my five-day outlook, but most of the time, I'm really glad I don't. Because at critical junctures like this, I can answer the tough questions. (It's why I watch a lot of Jeopardy, too.)

Moving on.

Work was an avalanche today. I kept firing off emails too quickly and giving everyone "My bets." Didn't get to enjoy one bit of the day until 5:30, when I strolled down to Fishs Eddy to buy an utterly imperative New Jersey-shaped cookie cutter. I'm going to cut everything into New Jerseys: my PB & J, my Kraft Singles, my bar of soap, my Jell-O jigglers, my grilled cheese. It's going to be GREAT. (They had NY and CT cookie cutters, too, but pfffffff. Who lives in NY and CT?)

It's nine o'clock. The countdown to bedtime begins. New Jersey-shaped toast. Night, all.

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nadelblog said...

i live in ct.

....but my heart is forever in nj.