August 27, 2008

On the subway

this morning, I saw a boy with two full-leg prosthetics and a Hot Wheels messenger bag. He was wearing a baseball cap that said, "JESUS is My Boss," but from the looks of it, his boss was sitting next to him, with French manicured toes and some pretty serious varicose veins.

My week is over, and I have 2.5 weekends (5 glorious days) ahead of me. Here is what I shall do:

-walk to the bakery for coffee tomorrow morning
-clean the bathroom
-finish a story I've been avoiding
- ...go to the gym...
-bake banana bread*
-possibly do my laundry
-"legal-read" 100 pgs. of a tour guide for $20/hr. (!!!)

(pause to watch Bill Clinton determine the fate of the Obama Campaign)

Word. Bill Clinton may have been acting like a loon the past few months, but he still has my American heart.


*Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond today for a tin loaf pan, and on my way I found Books of Wonder, which is connected to the Cupcake Cafe, which completely equals my utter idea of heaven: a children's bookstore chock full of bric-a-brac--antique books, birthday cards, portraits depicting scenes from famous books, a dozen rows of shelves organized by reader's age--and the whole place smells like cupcakes. I'm totally taking my 100 pgs. of legal-reading for a cupcake outing on Friday. Hope I don't get penalized for icing on the pages...

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