August 28, 2008

The bathroom sparkles.

And reeks of bleach. My nails are kind of transparent and bendy now. But the bathroom--it really does shine.

I even organized our beauty products basket under the sink. Sarah works in the beauty dept. of a women's magazine, so she brings home ridiculous potions that cost more than most of my favorite shirts. I found a jar of "skin renewal cream" that had flecks of real gold in it. I also found organic shampoo & conditioner, which I promptly claimed for myself. Excellent in theory, but now my hair smells like an herb garden. 

Progress thus far:

went to the gym
cleaned the br
bought coffee NOT from the bakery but from a NEW little French cafe for $1, which is unheard of. I'm planning on frequenting frequently henceforth.
caught the last half-hour of Gilmore Girls
made minimal progress with my story

I wish I had a yard. It's beautiful today.

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