August 19, 2007

When in Doubt, You Can Always Talk About the Weather

Catholic guilt caused a spur of the moment trip to Staten Island to see my fine-thank-you grandfather in the hospital. We brought him the paper, which is pretty much his bread and butter, and then he sat there for an hour reading the funnies and ignoring us while we chatted with each other. I sat on a radiator utterly disgusted with my grumpy, Mr. Wilson of a grandpa, but my aunt kept fluttering over him, opening his cup of Jell-o and tucking the blanket under his feet. I just watched the Disney Channel, which he had on mute, and talked to my grandma about Kohl's, which she loves.

Saw a Sam Leonard look-alike-contest-winner at church today. Saw him a couple weeks ago, too, and spent the better part of mass trying to figure out if it really was Sam or not. (Not.)

How much are you loving this break in the weather? I am smitten.


David said...

hi liz.
your blog hurts my eyes.

i like the skygreen leopards.

i am home.


Annie said...

imagine it were sam leonard. what would you do.