August 17, 2007

Beer and Yoga, or, A Few Good Things

So despite the fact that I have this somewhat okay job doing assistantish things for a writer I admire, I've taken Fridays off to search for a more real job, like one with a salary and benefits and air conditioning. Trouble is, though, it gets to be Friday and I think, WEEKEND! Wooo! And the job searching falls utterly to the bottom of the list, behind even laundry and returning a package of socks to Kohl's. The trouble of it is, I absolutely completely loathe writing cover letters. Today I went for a jog, loaded the dishwasher, bought the week's groceries, and made sweet-and-spicy pork chops for dinner, but I didn't look for a single job.

In an effort to get my mind off the troubling things, here are some things I enjoy. We'll call them anti-cover letters.

1. Blueberry beer from Trader Joe's. It was probably definitely five bucks for a six-pack, but it tastes like one hundred dollars.

2. Listening to the Skygreen Leopards in the evening. (I'm doin' it right now.)

3. Slicing a lime and squeezing the semi-circular pieces into a glass of water.

4. Spying on my dog when she thinks she's doing big important guard dog stuff.

5. Doing yoga at the Connection with old ladies. Dudes, I finally did the full lotus the other day! I've been telling everyone I see. It was utterly painful, and my legs felt all bendy afterwards, but I am positively thrilled.

6.Watching 'Jeopardy' after dinner, esp. if it's 'Teen Jeopardy,' like it was tonight. The final question was something like, What two countries are the biggest tourist destinations for Americans? One girl put "London & Paris." I ask you.

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