July 20, 2008

Siren Fest: Notes

hot as balls

two grossly hip girls, one in heart-shaped sunglasses, brought their toy pups in their oversized miu miu purses and held them like babies throughout the islands set

i couldn't stop staring

a man with freckles asked to take my picture because he's doing a series of photos of my kind of sunglasses; i happily obliged

second-hand high

ran into aaron sperling and brian beer, which, along with a separate subway conversation, is why i'm listening to finch right now, ha

couldn't see a damned thing. marc stood behind me, narrating. "oh! there's four horns on stage now!"

seeing the rides stirred up my love for teacups, or scramblers, or whatever they call the spinning ride

broken social scene was broken, but very social: heat stroked drummer, voiceless lead singer, and yet utterly dancey and canadian and gold star

feist wasn't there, either

i felt old, and uncool (temp, demeanor) 

i perked up when there were sliders and sweet potato fries and a large fountain soda

stay with me - finch

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