July 28, 2008

God, I love the internets.

My hours of pointless link-jumping has led to my first ever idea for a book! (As an editor--don't be foolish; I've had utterly millions of ideas for books to write.)

I'd like to keep the cat firmly in the bag. More TK on that front.

In other news, starred AND featured review of State by State. !!!!!

I'd like to think I share a little morsel of that triumph, but mostly I'm just so happy that it turned out awesome. (Like there was completely any doubt.)

Last night Alyssa and I had a very date-esque dinner at Perry St. (which she called me in a tizzy over because she couldn't find it at first): nectarine and goat cheese salad, steamed red snapper on a bed of potato purée (too mind-blowing to simply be 'mashed'), and the grande finale, chocolate pudding topped with sweet cream and candied violets. So gold star I can't even get over it. They tasted like chocolate-covered rice krispies with just the faintest hint of something floral in there. I want a huge bowl for breakfast every morning.

Travel - Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

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