March 30, 2008

Oof. I've discovered that Sunday morning is an utterly perfect time to do your laundry. However, I still hate doing it.

When I got back and hung up all my damp socks, which never fully dry, no matter how long I leave them in the drier, I made a baby pot of coffee for myself--one of those four-cup coffee pots that looks kiddie-sized. And then--I drank it all.

I didn't really mean to. I never drink more than two cups, ordinarily. But I just kept going, it's so completely good, "Eggcellent Coffee" that Leah got in her Easter basket, and now I'm utterly JAZZED about the walk Leah and I are about to have in Central Park, and totally THRILLED about how gorgeous it is out right now, and completely EXCITED out of my mind at the prospect of attending Juniper Summer Writers Institute, which I should really send in my application to, shouldn't I?

Later, later.

Oh! I forgot to tell you: the first thing I watched on our new TV set? Charlie & Lola, naturellement.

Time to go outside. Ta-ta, chickadees.

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