March 31, 2008

Noncommittal weather to accompany my noncommittal mood. I need groceries, but I also "need" to go to the gym, since I'm "running" a half-marathon in approx. 37 days and have yet to run farther than 3 miles. But I also really need to check my email, and futz around online, and sit in my room and consider it. Paint it blue? Paint it green?

Elma is the youngest of the four girls who live on the first floor. She's 2, and looks like a real live Cabbage Patch Kid. She's bilingual, but also kind of nonlingual when around strangers. I hear her screaming in Montenegrin most times. Anyway, she loves me for some reason, probably because I sound like a Muppet, but she never says anything to me, no matter how many questions I ask. She just follows me around smiling. Then just now I was starting to climb the stairs with all my bags and my keys clanging when she poked her head out the door and smiled at me.

So I said, "Hello, Elma. How was your day today?"

And she just went, "Hehhhh," and kind of laughed at me.

And then I said, "Okay, well, see ya later!"

And she said, "Seea way-tuh!"

Felt like $1,000,000.

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