January 5, 2008

There's a security guard in the lobby at work, and he's foreign, maybe Italian. Every morning, instead of "Good morning," he says, "Mornings," to everyone that passes.


Short week made shorter by that freakishly cold Thursday. I couldn't believe my luck.

My train to Hoboken was not only late, it was overcrowded because trains to Penn Station were all wonky and frozen. And THEN, when we finally got to Hoboken, they were making announcements that the PATH system was suspended (apparently there was a fire--immediately made me picture a group of hobos huddled around some kettle-drum fire deep in the bowels of the PATH), and like that, !, the line for the ferry was out the station door. Literally. Hundreds of people long. I waited an hour and finally got a hold of my boss, who was just like, "Pff, go home," and I was like, "OKAY!" and so I hopped on a Gladstone train, got Dunkin' Donuts with my sister, and spent the afternoon returning an apron to William Sonoma, and writing. It was gorgeous.

Iowa caucaussesses have me all turned round. No idea who I would vote for. Hillary is like the intimidating aunt that's always pressing you about your personal life. Obama is like the class president in college who's so into it, you kind of resent him. Edwards is okay, but too shiny. (The hours of reading that've gone into this analysis really show, don't they?) Completely glad I live in NJ and don't have to think about it for another 11 months.

Tomorrow the miniature sister and I are seeing 'Juno' for the second time, first together. We've already spent many an afternoon standing around in the kitchen going, "WHOA dream big," and "Yeahhhh, I think I'm gonna nip it in the bud, because you know, I've heard pregnancy can lead to infants." And I totally bought Michael Cera and Ellen Page's version of "Anyone Else But You" off iTunes and listen to it whenever the mood strikes, which is utterly often.

I kind of completely want to be Juno's best friend.

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