January 1, 2008

Okay. Let's do this.

Hello, 2008!

You are brand spanking new--I haven't even eaten lunch yet!--and I've decided you are mine. You are my year. 2007 was full of endings and beginnings. Too many important milestones, not enough raw fun/full-throated decision-making on my part, independent of society's/my parents' expectations, that is. 2008, it's just you and me. We shall sculpt my tiny, pristine Zen desk calendar (gift from the Yangs) into a chef d'oeuvre of events and well-rounded seasons. There will be dates! And adventures! And weekend mini-breaks! And move-in dates! And a half-marathon in May, and my 23rd birthday in June (choke, cough, sputter), and friends, friends, friends out the wazoo. 2008, together, we will make you an extravaganza.

And just like that, I'm being booted off the computer so that my father can transfer money or some such. Utterly ironic, but not at all indicative, whatsoever, of 2008, my dahling, my pumpernickel.

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