January 31, 2008

secretly writing this at work. secretly because my desk faces window, alors computer faces EVERYONE. makes me anxious, but mostly i don't care. tout le monde's at luncheroonie, and i'm sitting here having polished off my sammich of [fake] ham and [real] cheese on an english muffin. (i really have nothing to say.)

plans in the works for visit to the alma mater, post-valentine's day. why am i nervous?

called the dentiste in my old/original hometown to make an appt. for my 6 mo. cleaning which i LOVE--come out of there glowing from the compliments on my flossing, and the fluoride--and the receptionista is my 1st-5th grade bff [gab]'s mother, and she is a handful. cherry red hair, talks hind legs off tons of things. and so we set up my appt., and then she was like, 'so, how's things? emilie got engaged last month, i think for her birthday, you know, in december, and gab was like, "she's out of her mind," rabble rabble gossip...'

emilie was in playgroup with me when i was a bebe, like, only-child-bebe. haven't seen her in utterly forever--10 years? half my life?--but still freaks me out that someone i've known since our illiterate, pre-potty days is becoming legally bound to someone else.

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