October 15, 2007

Oh, dudes. I completely miss being in college. I miss my idyllic campus, and my absolutely minimal classroom time, and reading things I actually like (not things that people want to be published, even though they cannot use spell-check to save their lives). I miss Xanga. I miss having something to write about on Xanga. I miss Eye-Contact Boy. Right now my dad and I are watching a PBS show about tilapia mothers holding their guppy babies in their mouths when predators swim by. Doesn't really make for scintillating reading.

Exactly one year ago, I was home on fall break, making fires and sitting on the front steps with Maggie. The most exciting event of the past week was the discovery that symbols like <3 and :) are animated on gChat.

I also can't get that "1234" song out of my head. Damn that Feist.

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