October 2, 2007


The tenth month has gotten off to a rocky start. Monday morning I gave myself a heart attack because I realized I had not gotten my Oct. monthly train ticket yet--quick fix, Dad drove me to Summit. Fine. Then today all trains to Hoboken were suspended. (I couldn't help thinking, 'Chicken emergency?') It wasn't funny at the time. Slightly jangly nerves, Summit again. I can only imagine what tomorrow has in store for New Jersey Transit.

I've spent most of the last two days making to-do lists, and hardly anything gets crossed out. My editor/boss is in NC for some book party, so without him to assist, I just sit and read and write some emails to people with questions I generally can't answer. Utterly dull. I'm actually looking forward to my boss's return so I'll have something to bloody well do.

More lists.

Things I'm looking forward to:

-Bronte Movie
-Chris Adrian at a bar next week with Turkish Eren

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Amy said...

-me! You're looking forward to your miniature sister's return!