September 18, 2007

Today I wished I was back at school.

A huge monarch butterfly flew by my 17th floor window yesterday. And again today. It looks about as substantial as a paper airplane. I know they migrate, but seriously. How high can those things go?

Tonight on the train a mysterious boy handed me a note that said, "Hi. I've seen you at the station in the morning. What's your name? I'd like to get to know you." And dunderhead me, I thought I had dropped the piece of paper, so I was all, "Oh, thanks!" and then opened it up and was like, ? And so I said hi, my name is Liz, and he said hi. And I said, do you live in New Providence? And he said, yeah, do you? And I said yeah, I grew up there, and he said, ---

And so I said, do you like it so far? And he said, yeah. ---

And so I looked out the window, and he looked straight ahead, and then he got up and walked to the door just before our stop.

It was out of a flipping Miranda July movie. All that was missing were some pink stickers and wonky background music.

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