September 17, 2007


Yo, dear reader. I wish I could tell you that I've been occupied with utterly fabulous things this past week, but I've mostly been primarily occupied with being completely knackered. No wonder adults seem dull. They work!

Har, har.

The job is good, and my building is wacky (they're redoing the lobbies and elevators, so some of the elevators are lined with cardboard to protect the mirrored walls--someone wrote 'graffitti' and someone else corrected it with the accurate copy-editing mark--amazing), and I've spent most of the last week on trains, ironing shirts, memorizing book contracts and reading thriller novels that, ordinarily, I would not touch with a latex-gloved hand. But it's a jaerb, and I can wear jeans, and there's free coffee, and some cute editors who actually keep pencils behind their ears.

Now every time I see a book I might want to read, I check the spine to see who published it. I hope this is not one of those 'too much of a good thing' things. Utterly unthinkable.

And now I'm tired again.

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