August 12, 2007

Kiddies and Groceries

GORgeous weather, if one is in the shade.

Last night baby-sat for the Krazy Kohuts who've turned into bronzed, slightly blonde beach bums--er, I mean, pool bums. Kate (age 9), Julia (age 6) and I watched the new (!) disc 5 of 'Charlie and Lola,' pausing between episodes so they could get drinks and change into pajamas and brush their teeth. After finally tucking them in (at opposite ends of the same bed, which they insisted upon), Alex (age 13) and I watched 'Pride & Prejudice.' Don't care to admit how many times I've watched it, but she was a newbie, both to film and story. She tried real hard not to fall asleep, and I loved her for it, despite the fact that I was up and down like a bloody jack-in-the-box, stomping to the little girls' bedroom door with my hands on my hips every ten minutes. Kate asured me that doing hand-clap games helped her fall asleep, and I assured her that if I heard one more peep out of them, they'd be in separate beds. Needless to say, my threat was a bust, but they fell asleep eventually, and I ate peanut-butter M&M's out of a cereal bowl while Elizabeth Bennet stared fiercely out from beneath her messy bangs.

Christine introduced me to Trader Joe's this afternoon, a favor for which I am forever in her debt. (Chrissy, IOU like, one million medium Diet Cokes from Scotto's.) I bought:

-curry sauce
-naan bread
-ginger Cat Snacks (appropriately subtitled, "Snacks for People")
-raspberry sorbet
-two bottles-o-wine
-and something else I can't quite put my finger on

Eatin' good in the neighborhood.

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