October 10, 2008

Fridays are my favorite and my best.

It feels more like June than October, and I have a blood blister on my pinky from the staple-remover, but life is grand. A grab-bag, if you will. Let's see:

-icky blood blister that makes me hold everything from the pole on the subway to my water bottle like it's a proper tea cup, pinky raised.
-ANOTHER Harry Potter nightmare that I was attacked by a giant poisonous snake. I'm not going to read too much into it. Blame it on the Equus posters everywhere.
-someone's been using my face wash and I really don't want to confront roommates about it.
-I possibly, almost quite certainly am a lactard. Soy milk in my tea is growing on me, but I still miss cheese on a daily basis.
-it's utterly black when I get up in the morning. The sky looks like it's full of UFOs, but it's really just the air traffic over LaGuardia.

+going home this wkend to see Lauren!
+my boss isn't here today, which is why I'm writing this now! It's also why I was the first one here this morning, which I love. I scooted down to the 11th floor because they have the best K-Cup selection, and our floor only has French roast and Breakfast Blend and other Zzzz coffee flavors. I swiped two Hazelnuts and two Southern Pecans, all before 9 o'clock!
+last night I put together my new desk ALL ON MY OWN, and it makes my bitty room look slightly smaller, but heaps more organized.
+found The Paris Review Interviews in the give-away box yesterday (everything's coming up Paris), and read the Ralph Ellison one on the subway ride home. Don't have it with me now to reference, but the interview was conducted in some cafe which I will most definitely visit when I am en France en Decembre.
+in the last week I saw Julia Stiles and Alicia Silverstone at close range.
+despite the personal economic tightening of my belt, due to a certain plane ticket that needs to be paid for, I have decided to treat myself to lunch today. Soup? Falafel? 'WichCraft? How can I work when I have so many decisions to make?
+Wednesday was Amy's birthday--Happy Birthday, you!

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