September 10, 2008


I needed to get that off my chest last night. I slept so wonderfully, too. Had dreams of hugs, and angels on guidewires, and clotheslines, and being Zooey Deschanel. It was seriously the most lovely dream I've had in ever and ages.

Today is my one year anniversary at work. My general thoughts about this are: has it really been two years since I started my last year of college? can I have my own office now? Mostly I just feel like skipping. It feels like way more of an accomplishment than it is, but I don't need your approval or agreement! I will celebrate anything! I took myself to lunch at Tablespoon and had a salami sandwich and a cranberry soda that was pink like my old bedroom, and I read Walk Two Moons, which I wish I had written.

Now I am back at my desk, eating Dove chocolates hand over fist and writing this post in the body of an email because I'm too chicken to actually 'blog' at work. Copy and paste and sign out. Bye!

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