September 29, 2008

France in the Pants

I've been holding off telling you because I was so worried something would bungle it up, but nothing has! I'm going to visit Katja in Paris in December!

I will stay with her in her little Parisian flat, and stuff my face with brie and baguette morning, noon, and nuit. And while she's in class, I'll wander around doing my best not to speak if I can help it, which I can, except to say, "Une baguette, s'il vous plait," or "Un cafe, s'il vous plait," and then maybe "Merci" if I get what I want.

I'm really scared to pay for things. Must brush up on my counting.

December also seems like a lovely time to visit. Fewer tourists, Christmas decorations, strolling with a frothy cappuccino warming my hands...

But before I drift off into macaron wishes and pain au chocolat dreams, I've got work to do.

-practice speaking
-find my passport
-read Down and Out in Paris and London, The Flaneur, Paris to the Moon, and possibly a guidebook
-watch A bout de souffle, Amelie, The Dreamers, Last Tango in Paris, 2 Days in Paris, and maybe for the hell of it, In Bruges

I'm also really concerned about my footwear.

But mostly, whenever I see a big-bellied airplane gliding into LaGuardia (which is often) I get all shivery and excited and picture myself in a beret. Paris! France! Beret!

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