August 5, 2008

There's a falcon or some small hawk living on the ledge above my office window. I've only ever seen it flying back, and sometimes I don't notice it until the last possible moment and it seems like it just appeared, like it flew through a break in the sky.

Today I:

-used my 100% pure all natural mascara that smells like fruit.

-accidentally knocked the pyrex measuring pitcher out of the cabinet when I was reaching for the tea bags and it fell into the dish drain and SHATTERED a bowl to SMITHEREENS, which I then had to sweep up and seek out with a damp paper towel. The pyrex was fine.

-did some work.

-ate my tin-foil-wrapped lunch in the park, with my book, which I'm sad to see ending.

-read almost the entire issue of NY Magazine with Madonna's freaky face on the cover (my boss is on vacation this wk, so I borrow his mags; tomorrow it's The NY'er), and then came home to find my first issue of NY Magazine waiting for me! Belated birthday gifts are grand.

-ALSO got my first ever invitation to a wedding, meaning addressed to me and not 'the family.' It has a silver Claddagh ring and an Irish wedding blessing on it. Made me think of 'Wedding Crashers':

Seamus O'Toole. 
Bobby O'Shea.
I'm ready to get drunnnnk.

The wedding is three days before my sister's 21st birthday. O, irony. What impeccable timing you have.

Good night, chickadees.

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