June 12, 2008

So much to tell you and so little time! Boss is at lunch. Breakdown:

Friday: Big day. Friends coming. Air-conditioner coming. All in synch. Got home to find a big box from Sears in my entry way, thought, My air-conditioner!! and then buggered off to do some laundry. Later, when Leah got home, we went down to get the giant box and I said, Wait, let's take it out of the box to carry it upstairs, might be less awkward to hold. So I tore off the tape and opened the box and inside was a LAWN MOWER. A stupid, useless, cherry-red, sodding, bleeding, good-for-nothing, flippin' LAWN MOWER where my precious air-conditioner should have been.

Hell was raised.

Saturday: Hot. Lots and lots of hot. Hot friends, hot pizza, hot seats in Yankees stadium in the hot sun, hot dresses worn to the (lovely and cool) movies, then to drinks, and great things were said, and much fun was had, foolish phone calls were made, late-night taxis were taken, but we were sweating the entire time. (Guys, I'm still so sorry about that.)

Sunday: Still hot. Cold showers. Mediocre brunch that mirrored our deflated moods. Came back to an empty apartment and felt lonelier than I have since January when my parents went to Florida and I had one-sided conversations with Maggie for a whole week. It's like we stretched it out and when I got home it didn't fit me anymore.

Monday: Woke up and found my makeup had melted over night. Said, FUCK THIS, and went home to central air-conditioning for two days.

Wednesday: Still no sign of an A-C. Made a smoothie for dinner, slept with my windows wide open.

Thursday: All my fingers and toes are crossed that it will be sitting on top of that fucking lawn mower in my entry way when I get home tonight. But first, birthday cheesecake at Junior's with friends disguised as co-workers.

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