April 29, 2008

People think I'm a pillow. First, on the way into work, a woman fell asleep into me, just timbered into my arm, and when we made contact she woke up and said, "SORRY," and everyone looked.

Then on the way home I sat next to this little Asian dumpling girl and she kept leaning slowwwwwly into me, and then I'd turn the page of my book, or scratch my nose, and she'd sit up real straight and eventually do it all over again.

I felt like saying, "WAKE UP, PEOPLE!"

Obama is whining about Jeremiah Wright on The News Hour right now. (I would change the channel, but I'm waiting to see Junot Díaz, Mr. Pulitzer.) I'm really, really tired of this election, and it hasn't even happened yet. At this rate I'll be so over it come November that I'll prolly stay home Tuesday night and watch 'Gilmore Girls' on DVD.

I miss my iPod.

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