April 26, 2008

The cake weighs fifteen pounds without baking powder, but it's genuinely delicious. Sarah and I ate some for breakfast yesterday. (I made her blow out a candle first.)

First time in a month that I've been home on a weekend. Feels utterly luxurious. Feels like spring break.

Bad news on the technology front: iPodbaby is dead. Took him to the doctor and the doctor said, "It's probably cheaper if you just buy a new one." And I said, "O-kay!" My former iPod is so old they no longer make it. The dilemma is whether to buy it now, or wait until my check for the Juniper Writers Institute clears. (Charles D'Ambrosio is worth every penny.)

Leah and I are watching The Paper, which we also watched last night, but it's so utterly brilliant we can't get enough. I can completely identify with Alex; I too have fought the good fight for grayscale. 

High school + "reality" + Solo cups + copyediting = winning combination. I smell an Emmy.

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