November 10, 2007

Would you believe that I actually read old Xanga entries to get myself geared up to write this thing? Pathetic. I am so out of shape.

Bought a new hair dryer this week (then promptly left it on the counter and walked away with my receipt while the poor sales clerk squeaked, "Miss! Miss, wait!") and it has an attachable diffuser (frightening apparatus--looks like a combination back massager/potato masher) and used it for the first time this morning. My hair is HUGE. Maeby F√ľnke up in here. Startling, but satisfying.

Speaking of, I've been gorging myself on Arrested Development this past week. I find it comforting to lose myself in the idiocy (read: fabulousness) of the Bluths when my own family is driving me utterly nutters. (I've also read a sociologist's study that people who watch upwards of 3 hrs. of TV/day think they have more friends than they actually do. Whatev.) The other night at dinner, Colleen started talking about Helen, and Kevin was all, "Yeah, she's blah blah blah," and I had no idea who they were talking about until finally (via context clues) I realized they were talking about Ruth, a woman whom I work with. And yet they knew exactly what they were talking about. It's like being around identical twins who speak some made-up language to each other. I tell ya.

In other news, I found my 5th grade journal, which I had to update weekly for writing credit (precursor to a blogggg?). It goes like this:

Dear Mr. DeLauro,

I'm very excited about chess club this afternoon. It's too bad that we had a day off on juggling club day. On Sunday I went roller-blading at a roller rink. It was so fun. The rink is pretty big. My sister went to a birthday party there, so my dad took me. When my father was a kid his grandparents owned a roller rink a cross the street from his house, so he's really, really good. I'm pretty good on roller blades.


They all end abruptly at the end of the page. "Did I tell you what I got for Christmas? [Uhp, guess you'll have to wait 'til next week.] Liz." Horrendous, bubbly cursive. Illustrations in the margins. I should really bring it to the next editorial meeting as a submission.

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